August 4, 2017

10 Steps to Going Solar Checklist

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solar panel installation checklist

Most behind-the-scenes work of solar installation is a result of your solar company and utility company working together. We do this in order to give you the best, most worry-free experience possible. But that sometimes makes the solar purchasing process a mystery to you! For that reason, Shine presents:

10 Steps to Going Solar Checklist

Step 1: You autograph the initial paperwork to give us the approval to start your project (purchasing agreement, financial documents. finance documentation process varies among lenders).Step 2: We get Net-Metering approval (we cannot begin construction until the customer’s utility company approves the application. This varies from utility to utility, but we do follow up with them checking on updates and project status.)Step 3: We get a permit application from your city or county (this depends on customer's jurisdiction. If they live in an area that doesn't require this, then we skip this step.)Step 4: We schedule your solar installation!Step 5: We complete your solar installation!Step 6: We schedule your final inspection (if no permit is required, we skip this step). Our Master Electrician has to schedule with the entity that requires the permit, so this depends upon that entity’s schedule. We then coordinate with the customer.Step 7: We arrange your final Net-Metering phase (this is when we submit final documents to the utility and wait for them to give us a date and time of interconnection)Step 8: Interconnection (this happens once final net metering has been approved) and that means you’re LIVE!Step 9: LED bulb and thermostat delivery! We try to be present at your interconnection, both to ensure a smooth transition and deliver additional energy-conserving items for you! Should the interconnection happen before we’re notified, we call and schedule a time that is best for you. We want to make sure your system is operating as it should.Step 10: We’re here for you, long-term. If you have any questions about your panels, your monitoring, or even your Ecobee thermostat and light bulbs, call your personal Shine Solar concierge!

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Nick Gorden

Nick Gorden is the Co-founder and CEO of Shine Solar. Nick’s energy, enthusiasm, and leadership is contagious and has contributed to attracting a talented and successful executive team. His time is focused on strategic growth, maintaining profitability and creating the optimal customer experience. Nick has started, managed and sold companies within the communications, mortgage lending, insurance and real estate industries resulting in tens of millions of dollars of market value to investors.

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