November 24, 2017

How Durable are My Solar Panels?

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How durable are solar panels?

A Big Investment

You are ready to take the next step and go solar, but you may have doubts about how your solar panels are going to endure through rough weather. Solar panels do look pretty breakable, they are made of glass after all. You don’t want this big investment to easily break. So what will happen if it hails? Or the neighbors hit a baseball up and hit your solar panels?.

Most likely? Nothing will happen. Solar panels, though they may look fragile, are made to go on your roof or in-ground installations, they are made to last. In fact, any weather that would hurt your solar panels, would most likely already have damaged your roof.

What Can My Solar Panels Endure?

  • 90-mph hits with golf-ball-sized hail
  • 90 mph winds
  • Hits from 250-mph tennis ball-sized ice
  • Can be driven over with a four-door truck
Can solar panels withstand hail?

What Makes My Solar Panels Tough?

Solar panels are built with three layers of silicon, or rock, encased in tempered glass. Tempered glass, also known as safety glass or toughened glass, is anything up to six times the strength of normal plate glass, and is created by thermal or chemical means.

Solar panels are divided into three categories, Tier One, Tier Two, Tier Three, according to the quality of the materials used and the amount of research and development the production company does. So a company that produces Tier One solar panels devotes a lot of time and money into research and development to make their solar panels more durable and more efficient. Shine Solar only uses Tier One solar panels, which means that they are the top quality solar panels in the market. This means that they are tough and made to last.

Get Insured

Essentially, if there is an extreme weather occurrence capable of hurting your panels, then most of the rest of your home has been damaged, at which point it becomes an insurance claim (and your solar array is covered on homeowner’s insurance, typically for a few dollars per month). Talk to your insurance provider to learn about getting your solar panels covered under your homeowner’s insurance. If you remember nothing else, know this. Our solar panels are more durable than what is already on your roof, and roofing materials are made to last. Plus, in addition to the coverage by your homeowner’s insurance, our panels are also backed by a 25-year-warranty.So when it comes to weather, fear not. We got you covered. We’ve also got you covered if you have further questions! Give us a call at 844-80-SHINE!

Is solar a good fit for your home?

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