January 11, 2018

How to Find the Best Solar Panel Installer in Kansas City MO

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How to Find the Best Solar Panel Installer in Kansas City MO

Finding the best solar panel installer in Kansas City, Missouri

Are you looking for a power resource that is affordable and environment-friendly? Tired of paying increasingly high electric utility bills each month? Solar energy is the perfect solution. Installation might seem a little high, but solar power pays for itself in the long run. It's a clean, safe, and renewable energy source. The question is: which Kansas City solar provider is the best one? Which one should you invest years of your time and money in? Looking for the best choice can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some of the top tips to find the recommended provider in the city:

Make Sure They're a Certified Expert

There's one thing you'll know for sure when scouting Kansas City solar providers: they all claim they're the best. It's a marketing ploy to attract more customers. How can you tell if they're indeed the best solar provider in the area? First off, look for a business permit. Right after that, you need to look for a safety and sanitation certificate. You should then ask for certificates that prove they've had the training in this industry, such as a NABCEP certificate. Even if the Kansas City solar provider shows some certificates, take the time to scrutinize them further. Make sure that those permits and licenses are all valid and not yet expired.

What about Kansas City Solar Incentives?

You move out of the electric grid when you turn to solar resources. This means you're helping the city cut down on dependence on coal and other expenses. You might qualify for tax incentives like the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC).If you do qualify, will the company handle the paperwork for you? Do they honor these tax incentives in the first place? With that in mind, will the company also handle all of the legal paperwork for you? Installing solar panels and the electric system requires permits, zoning regulation approval, and inspection approval.

What Kind of Warranty Do They Offer?

Does your Kansas City, Missouri solar panel installer offer a warranty?

One important incentive to take into consideration is a warranty. This is your fail-safe in case anything ever happens to your solar panels and electric system. Don't ever sign up for a Kansas City solar provider if they don't offer a warranty. The first factor to know is how long the warranty remains valid. The goal is for a warranty that lasts at least ten years and more. A new installation is less likely to fail so a short warranty isn't going to be useful. Even if the company does offer a long-term warranty, what would happen if they go out of business while the warranty is still valid? What if 10 years from now they shut down and that's when your panels break down. Who honors the warranty? Also, make it a point to check what kind of coverage you get. Does the warranty include everything or is only for the equipment like the panels and generators? Does the warranty include coverage during installation and maintenance fees? Is there some kind of warranty if the system doesn't generate the amount of power promised? Will they refund your cash or repair the system if it doesn't give you what they advertised?

Read Online Reviews

People form an opinion about a company after reading an average of seven online reviews. This means you shouldn't trust or reject a solar provider until you've read a few reviews that help form a solid idea of how they are. Reading reviews will give you a better impression of the solar company you intend to work with. They can give you an insight into the good and bad things about the company. This lets you prepare in advance. Keep in mind that not all reviews are honest. Some might come from competitors trying to discredit the company, or employees aiming to boost the company's reputation. Fake reviews are relatively easy to spot, but to make sure, don't rely on only one review. Make it a habit to read six or more reviews before making a decision.

Talk to Previous Customers

Get referrals before choosing a Kansas City, Missouri solar panel installer

Online reviews might not be enough. You will also want to get factual testimonies from previous clients. They can tell you firsthand how the experience was hiring the company. If possible, try to visit and see the level of work and polish the company did. You can see for yourself if this company meets your expectations and passes your standards. You'll figure out if they are worth the price they demand. Even the best companies with the best reputation can have a few bad spots. They might have arduous procedures and paperwork to fill up. Others might be picky in regards to payment options and insurances. Previous clients can tell you about these important details that an online review might not.

Check Their Customer Service

Another good way to test a Kansas City solar provider is to call their customer service hotline. Try to gauge how friendly the company is and how well they know their work by talking to a representative. See if they're indeed an authority in the industry. If the customer service agent gets irate or lacks the knowledge to answer your questions, then the company might not be the best choice. If they fail with customer service, think how much worse it could get with the main job. One of the first things you should ask is for a price quote. You'll want to know how much a solar installation can cost you.

Hire Only the Best

Found a provider that passes all of these tests? Are you still unsure about the cost of installation or what kind of panels you should use? Don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll get you back on track. We're the top solar provider in Kansas City, and that's a claim we're proud to standby. We've grown over the years and our services are also available in Missouri and Arkansas. With our help, you can move away from the grid and start living with clean, affordable, and renewable energy.

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