December 2, 2020

Home Battery Systems

Solar Energy

Battery technology has come a long way over the past 10 years. Since then, batteries have developed to the point where they can power cars, trucks, busses, smart phones and even your home. So, should you get a home battery to compliment your solar panel system?

That depends on what you intend to use it for. Let’s examine the options.

Backup Power Supply

If you’re looking for a backup power supply for your home that can seamlessly work with your existing grid-tied solar panel system, home batteries are a good option.

There are several different types of batteries available from companies such as Tesla, Sonnen and Enphase. These systems are designed to charge from your solar panel system and be ready for use should you lose power from the grid.

However, when considering such systems, be sure you do your homework. As with any backup power supply, you’re going to need to know what home systems you want to operate during a loss of power. This will determine how many batteries you need and how long they need to operate.

A good rule of thumb is to power only essential systems like lighting, refrigeration, and other small household appliances. Other home systems like air conditioning, heating, electric ovens, well pumps or sump pumps draw a large amount of power to both start and operate continuously. Most home batteries are not capable of providing that much power on demand and would not be able to sustain operation for very long. However, if this is a non-negotiable, critical system you cannot do without, there are home battery systems such as the Pika Energy Harbor Smart Battery that can handle these types of electrical loads.

How Much Does It Cost?

According to EnergySage, the typical home battery costs approximately $10,000 to purchase and professionally install. Depending on your home and its power demands, you may need two or three batteries to cover your energy requirements. Be sure to consult with your home solar panel installer to determine the right approach for your backup power needs.

home battery backup power with solar

Going Off-Grid

Living completely independently off the grid is a very appealing way of life for some people. However, if you’re going to do it without sacrificing any modern conveniences such as electricity, there are a few things you need to know.

Powering your home off-grid is not as easy as it sounds. Yes, home battery systems working in conjunction with a solar panel system can power your home. However, it goes beyond investing in a few battery systems and calling it good.

You will first need to determine how much power your home needs on a day-to-day basis. The best way to find out is to contact your local utility and get your past 12 months’ worth of electric bills. If possible, get the last three to five years of your electric bills. This will show the year-to-year fluctuations in your power use and will allow you to design a system to meet those power demands.

Once you have this information, you need to determine your peak usage times. These are the times of year when you use the most power like during the winter and summer. However, this also includes the time of day when most of that power is used and that varies throughout the year depending on the weather, your lifestyle, the number of people living in your home at any given time and the number of appliances you want to be able to operate all at once.

The goal of determining these factors is so that you can design a solar panel and backup battery system that will provide uninterrupted power throughout the year. This often means installing a solar panel and battery system that is much larger than what you need on a day-to-day basis so that it can cover those times of sustained, peak usage.  

For most homeowners, this is cost prohibitive. However, if you have the resources and are able to invest in such a system, it is possible to live off-grid without sacrificing your home’s electrical power. Be sure to consult with your home solar panel installer to accurately design a system that will meet your needs.

So, if you’re in the market for a solar or home battery system, call us today at 844-80-SHINE and let us show you how easy it is to virtually eliminate your electric bill and become energy independent.

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