July 6, 2018

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

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Solar panels have been around for years, but it's only recently that homeowners have started to take them seriously and purchase panels for their homes. The use of solar energy almost doubled in 2016 from years prior, and today, its popularity keeps growing.

If you're not already using this kind of renewable energy in your home, you may be asking yourself "how much do solar panels cost?" After all, it's nice to help the environment and do something to increase the value of your home, but you have to do so with a certain level of financial responsibility.

You may be surprised to realize what solar panels prices really are. They're not always as expensive as people tend to assume. Plus, they tend to offer more savings than you expect in the long-run.

Here's a closer look at how the cost of solar panels adds up - and starts paying for itself.

The Basic Cost of Solar Panels

Before you get into all the specifics of the cost of solar panels, think about the basics. This includes paying for raw materials, covering installation fees, and planning for routine maintenance of your home's future solar panels.


There's more to creating a renewable energy system in your home than the use of solar panels alone. You're also going to need the right support for the panels, proper wiring, and an inverter. Otherwise, you're just going to be capturing the sun's energy without being able to convert it into fuel for your home.

Panels are held in place by mounting materials. They are all connected by special wires that carry the energy from the panels to the inverter - the tool that makes the sun's energy suitable for appliance and other electrical uses. Inverters produce a certain amount of voltage to run everything from your refrigerator and AC unit to charge your phone or keep your TV running.


Once you wrap your head around everything your home needs to convert energy from the sun into useful electricity, you have to estimate the installation costs.

Unfortunately, there's no cut and dry answer to this. Many variables play into how much the total installation will cost.

First, there's the difference in installing top-notch solar equipment versus basic materials. Then, there's the matter of how the roof of your home is set up and whether or not modifications need to be made to create the best solar energy system.


You know all the roof maintenance you have to do for your home after heavy snowfalls or to clear fallen leaves? Well, such situations require a bit of solar panel maintenance, too.

Solar panels aren't particularly fragile, but they do hold up better when properly taken care of. Investing in basic maintenance means getting an annual inspection of your system, removing any natural build up, and doing other cleaning tasks. You may have to pay for a repair on occasion as well.

solar panels require little to no maintenance

Additional Things to Consider

After crunching the numbers for the kind of system you want and how you plan to keep it in good shape, start to factor in other things that will affect the cost to install solar panels and keep them running in your home.

The following are some of the main things to keep in mind.

Where You Live

It's much different to pay for solar panels in Florida or Texas as it is to invest in them in Kansas or Arkansas. Not to mention, the direction your house is facing regardless of the state you live in will have an effect on the total cost, too.

Look into the average cost in your state or county to get a good idea of what you can expect to pay. Consider the average voltage rates each home consumes while you're at it.

How Much Energy Your Home Uses

Speaking of the average energy needed to run a home in your area, take a second to think about how much you are like or unlike the normal homeowner.

For example, it's one thing to run AC at a normal level every day and keep all your appliances running. But, it's a totally different story if you have a full house that does laundry every day of the week or there's a gamer under your roof who spends a few hours a day on their console. Such habits use more energy, and they'll need the proper solar panel system to keep things going.

How to Cut Down Your Total Solar Panel Cost

No matter how much energy you spend in your home, there are some ways you can cut down on solar panels cost.

Get multiple quotes to make sure you're getting the best deal for your home. Also, take the time to consider the kind of equipment you really need. Don't be afraid to ask questions regarding one controller versus another or taking the time to decide just how many panels are necessary.

The more attention you pay to every little detail, the more you can manage how much you actually pay when it's time to cover the costs. Plus, keep in mind that solar panels will eventually pay for themselves!

Investing in panels now means you can significantly cut back on your energy bill later. These savings may not seem like much over time, but they can truly surprise you once they start to add up.

Figure Out How Much Do Solar Panels Cost for Your Home

If you're someone who likes to think in absolutes, you need a professional to help you figure out how much do solar panels cost for your home. Thankfully, you've come to the right place. Our energy experts are here to answer any questions you may have.

We provide a free solar analysis to help you start figuring out the costs, then provide all the insights and support you need to pick the right equipment and get everything installed in your home.

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