November 1, 2018

How Solar Panels Have Quickly Become the Best Energy Source

Solar Energy

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As of last year, solar power became the fastest-growing source of new energy. In fact, solar now accounts for as much as two-thirds of new power across the globe!

However, the real question is whether solar is the best energy source? Well, we certainly think so- and here's why.

Let's dive in!

What's Solar Energy?

Before we move any further into the article, we need to answer this question. In short, the sun's energy can be harnessed and transformed into electricity via devices called solar panels.

Solar energy is a fantastic example of a renewable energy source- it's way better for the environment than burning fossil fuels, so it's not surprising more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon!

Why the Surge in Popularity?

The International Energy Agency (IEA), claim there's been a massive increase in the demand and installation of solar panels- especially in China.

The usage of solar energy has seen a growth of over 50% since last year- and China is responsible for over half of this expansion!

So it's safe to say that China has become somewhat of an ambassador for renewable energy production.

Fun Fact: After China, the U.S. boasts the second-largest market for sustainable energy generation.

The gradual reduction in the cost of solar panels and the general support provided by governments across the world has gone a long way in encouraging both homeowners and business owners to harness solar power.

Incredibly, it's the first time solar energy has surpassed any other source of electricity- including coal!

Fun Fact No.2: The IEA believe solar will continue to dominate the industry. So much so, they predict that within the next five years' solar power will be responsible for more than the combined power generation of both India and Japan!

Benefits of Solar Energy

In light of all the below advantages, it's hardly surprising that solar energy has seen such a growth in popularity!

1. Solar Power is Renewable

As we've previously alluded to, solar energy is 100% renewable. One of the best things about it is that the suns rays can be harnessed from all around the globe, virtually every day!

For as long as humans wonder the earth- we'll always be able to use the sun to generate electricity and heat.

Sadly, the same can't be true of other sources of power such as coal (and other fossil fuels) which is why renewable alternatives are so important!

2. Solar Energy is Diverse

Solar power is incredibly diverse; you can create both heat and electricity from the suns rays!

The broader implications of this are phenomenal. Solar power can do everything from generating electricity in regions that currently don't have access to power- to powering satellites miles away in the atmosphere- how neat is that?!

3. You'll Save Money

Not only does solar energy help save the environment, but it also goes a long way in helping you save a pretty penny or two (in the long run).

Obviously, your total savings depends on how many solar panels you've installed and your overall electricity usage and heat consumption.

However, if you're able to generate more electricity than you're using, the surplus travels back to the grid, and you'll receive some kind of compensation- what's not to love about that?!

Top Tip: if you want to make the most out of solar energy you can now purchase solar power windows. These catch the suns rays and generate electricity!

4. Solar Power is Cost-Effective to Maintain

One of the best things about solar energy for homeowners and business owners is that solar panels don't need much maintenance. There aren't any moving parts involved so there isn't much that can go wrong!

However, you should probably note the inverter usually needs changing once every seven years (approximately). This part is always being used. It never stops working to transform solar energy into heat and electricity.

In light of this, you'll be pleased to hear that most reputable manufacturers provide a 20-year warranty (or longer- be sure to read the fine print to find out). So, if something needs fixing or replacing, you should be able to resolve this relatively inexpensively.

For the best results, keep your solar panels clean, a quick wipe down once every six months should do the trick!

If you're reluctant to do this yourself, hire a professional cleaning service to get the job done for you. This shouldn't set you back more than $45.

5. Developments in Technology

Technology in this industry is continually developing. As time moves forward, solar energy will only become more fine-tuned and advanced.

Professionals believe that if we carry on advancing the way we have, we could potentially boost the efficiency of solar panels by as much as double in the near future.

Think of what that could mean for the environment- it would virtually eradicate the need to burn fossil fuels!

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