February 28, 2018

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Purchase Solar Panels in Bentonville

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How to choose a solar panel installer in Bentonville Arkansas
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Unsure whether or not to invest in solar power for your home? This article explains why now is the perfect time to purchase solar panels in Bentonville.

There is no doubt that with temperatures climbing higher every year, both families and businesses everywhere are looking for ways to lower their electric bill. Many are considering investing in solar panels in Bentonville because they've already exhausted all other home-saving tips. The more electricity your family or business use, the greater the savings you will incur from installing solar panels. For some parts of the country, particularly the South, this can mean tens of thousands of dollars over the course of twenty years. In many cases, your solar panels could even mean that you're receiving a check from the electric company for selling them your unused surplus. You didn't even have to lift a finger and now you're the electric company! Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, it's important to understand how all this works. Solar panels are the wave of the future, so make sure you're caught up on all the various ways you can be saving money from them.

Reducing Solar Panel Costs

The price of solar panel technology has fallen steadily for decades. It is not uncommon for homeowners to seize the opportunity and install solar panels in Bentonville for no money down. This includes both leasing options and purchasing options via loans. Installation prices are going to depend on which company that you do business with and the types of panels that you select. The cheapest solar panels may look and work the same, but their materials may not be as durable or efficient. This will be the first set of factors that you will be looking at when determining solar panel costs. Also, keep in mind that higher-grade solar panels will end up saving you more in 20 years, despite costing more to invest. Don't be sold just on the prices alone. Furthermore, you should be taking into account that any solar rebates or incentives that subsidize your costs will result in bigger upfront savings. The best companies also come with strong guarantees that stand behind their work.

Shop Around

Knowing your options when choosing solar panels in Bentonville is key to success. According to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, consumers who compare their options save 10% more on their ultimate purchases. Oftentimes, the 'little guy' will give you the best services and prices, as they need to rely on great reputation to compete. The biggest installers are often more expensive and they don't cater to as wide of a variety of service options that the smaller businesses in Arkansas. The federal government estimates that big solar corporations charge $2-5,000 more than small businesses.  That's why Shine is such a good partner for your solar project. We are a local small business who buys panels at volume and passes on any savings to you. Always compare quotes and value of the solar panels because there is so much money out there for you to earn, save, or get back in the form of tax credits.

Shop around when choosing a solar panel installer

Future-Proof Your Home/Business

Uncertainty about our futures causes us to do things and make decisions that we would have otherwise never considered. The rising costs of traditional fuels will not get any better ten, twenty years from now. This is why it is in your best interests to invest in solar panels in Bentonville as soon as the opportunity happens. In fact, just to put things into perspective, in the last ten years, the price of electricity for the average home in the country has risen by three percent every year! Even on a month-to-month basis, solar panels help protect your home or business by the effects of a blackout from the weather or a brownout from the grid. Needless to say, this makes your property much more attractive on those merits alone. Solar panels increase home values by as much as $15,000, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. This, plus the inherent benefits of owning a property with solar panels means properties will sell faster. If you live in a competitive market, solar panels in Bentonville may give you the edge when it comes to selling faster and for more money.

Looking at the Big Picture

Solar panels don't just make your life better, they make everyone's around yours better. Just by choosing to go solar, you are doing your part for your local economy. The solar industry has been creating jobs at such an astonishing rate--12 times more than the average rate for the country! Solar panel businesses are thriving, and so are their workers. Investing in solar panels means helping to create higher-paying American jobs while reducing the country's dependency on foreign oil. Environmentally, the gains are even more pivotal. As you're noticing the climate get hotter, your bills getting higher, and more stress because of it, solar is one of many solutions. Your carbon footprint shrinks and our air is cleaner as a result of it. This is especially true for commercial buildings. Stop and think what could Bentonville do by converting to solar panels if the typical home produces 3-4 tons of carbon emissions each year.

solar panels create good paying jobs in Bentonville Arkansas

Shopping for Solar Panels in Bentonville

Well, there you have it. You've seen lots of numbers and statistics about how solar panels can affect you, your home and business, your family, the neighborhood, the country, and even the world. The question now becomes: are you ready to make the switch? If you're still on the fence or feel as though you still don't have enough information on how solar panels will impact your home or business, that's okay. We have plenty of more free information to provide you and can calculate just how much it will cost and save you. We'll be able to tell you exactly what to expect upon installation and operation. Simply contact us today for a free consultation and quote. Shine solar guarantees satisfaction and future-proofing of your home or business. We'll even buy back your old panels if you decide to get new ones! We take solar as a serious investment, and so should you.

Is solar a good fit for your home?

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