August 11, 2017

Why Should You Pick Us, Anyway?

Solar Energy

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Why choose Shine Solar as your solar panel installer?

You’re thinking about going solar, but it’s not so easy to pick a solar company. This is a big decision, after all. How do you know which one is going to be the best fit for you? If you’re going to own your own energy, you want to have the peace of mind that comes with making the right choice for your long-term needs. And you deserve that.  In fact, we encourage everyone who contacts us to do their homework before choosing to install happiness the Shine way. It’s why we offer our homework page, in addition to our website and weekly blogs. So let’s jump ahead. Say that you’ve done your homework, you’ve reached out to several companies, you’ve gotten several free solar analyses, and now you just need to choose. We can’t presume to know the types of things that are most important to your family. What we can do is tell you four ways that we’re different than our competitors.

Why Pick Us?

  1. We have our own Code of Ethics.
  2. We’re not trying to take over the world. We want to remain small and customer-focused. We also want our employees to represent how seriously we take your business. Our employees will be polite, courteous, and clean in both language and appearance. We have amazing customers, and they deserve the best.
  3. You don’t have to worry about waiting a couple more years until you get that new roof.
  4. If, within the first 5 years of your original solar installation, you replace your roof, Shine Solar will remove, store, and re-install your solar panels. Free of charge.
  5. You don’t have to worry about that vague day in the future when solar technology may become super advanced and your old panels just don’t cut it.
  6. If you purchase a system from us, then decide to upgrade it later, we’ll buy back your existing panels for 50% of your original cost.
  7. We’re in it for the long haul.
  8. With a 25-year panel warranty, and knowing that the first-ever solar panels are still producing, we’ll be sticking around. This is why we provide each customer with their own solar concierge. Whether you have questions, comments, or just want to touch base, we have a point person in place. Your concierge knows who you need, when you need them, and will keep you from being on terminal hold or waiting for that callback that never comes. And your concierge is going to be there for you, whether it's been three days since your installation, or three years.
Shine Solar guarantees its equipment and work.

There you have it. These are the top four items that set us apart from the competition. We want to remain focused on you, and will prove it to you throughout your experience with us. You will have the peace of mind that your concerns and questions will be addressed promptly at every step in our relationship. Plus, what have you got to lose? With our free solar analysis, you're armed with the information you need to make an informed decision. Give us a call at 844-80-SHINE to get started.

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Nick Gorden

Nick Gorden is the Co-founder and CEO of Shine Solar. Nick’s energy, enthusiasm, and leadership is contagious and has contributed to attracting a talented and successful executive team. His time is focused on strategic growth, maintaining profitability and creating the optimal customer experience. Nick has started, managed and sold companies within the communications, mortgage lending, insurance and real estate industries resulting in tens of millions of dollars of market value to investors.

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