January 12, 2018

Rooftop Solar in Kansas

Solar Energy

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Rooftop Solar in Kansas

Rooftop solar panels in Kansas

Kansas is where we get a lot of our resources here in the United States. From food that is grown in the state to the energy that the wind turbines produce, there are a lot of valuable resources in the state. While solar is still working to get a foothold in the market in Kansas, there is a lot of room for growth in the solar industry. Where there are parts of the state receiving the same amount of sunlight as southern California! So today we are going to give you the rundown of going solar in Kansas.

Wide Open Plains

There is a reason that Kansas has so many crops there, the state gets a lot of sun! On average Kansas will receive 2,922 hours of sunlight in a year with 128 clear days. That is a lot of hours that your solar panels could be making energy to power your home!

Rooftop solar in Kansas

Throughout the day, Kansas receives 65% of the sunlight from sunrise to sunset. That is a little more than the nation’s average. It is time for the homeowners of Kansas to take advantage of all this sunshine.

Financial Opportunities

The price to going solar has been dropping around the world as technology has developed making solar panels more effective and less expensive. In Kansas, the price for going solar has gone down 55% in the last five years! This is great news for homeowners who are looking to get solar panels. As the prices have dropped, more financial opportunities have become available to help everyone afford solar. Shine Solar homeowners can receive a loan with $0 down and you don’t have to start paying back your loan for the first 12-18 months! This makes going solar possible for just about everyone in the state. Contact us today to get a free solar analysis to you can learn more about your financial opportunities.

Solar Benefits

A benefit that all homeowners who go solar receive right now is the 26% Federal tax credit. Through this Federal credit you can receive a tax credit that is equal to approximately 26% of your total solar investment. You can then put that extra money toward your solar loan to help pay that off sooner. Currently, there is a lot of debate regarding solar incentives and legislation to support solar homeowners in Kansas right now. As it seems that some policies may be changing, we will keep you up to date on the topic. However, one great incentive that Kansas offers is a property tax exemption for homeowners with solar panels! When you install solar panels, the value of your home will increase dramatically, but thanks to this tax exemption, you won’t have to pay more taxes despite the increase in your equity.

The benefits of solar panels in Kansas

On top of that, Kansas also offers net metering, where utility companies track how much energy you produce and how much of that you actually use. Your utility company will then give you credit on next month’s bill for the excess energy that you send back into the grid. You can learn more about net metering by reading here. We love servicing our homeowners in Kansas and are so excited about our new office in Kansas City, MO. Contact us today to learn more about going solar in the Sunflower State.

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