February 1, 2018

Solar in All Seasons

Solar Energy

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Solar in All Seasons

Going solar at any point of the year is a great decision. You will receive savings and gain control over your own energy production during each of the seasons. However, there are certain benefits to going solar at different points in the year. Today we are going to be looking at what going solar is like in the spring, summer, fall, and winter.


solar panels in spring

When people picture going solar they think of the hot summer months as being the most productive of the year, because of how long and sunny the days are. However, when solar panels get too hot, their production slows. Because of this spring is actually the best time of year for your solar panels. The weather has yet to grow too hot and the days are getting longer with more sunshine. These are the months when your solar panels can be the most productive out of the whole year! So why not install during the spring months and start reaping the benefits right away! Another reason why going solar in the spring is great is because you will have your solar system installed and ready to go for when the hot summer months arrive. Your system will be producing energy and saving you on your utilities when the summer months get here and you crank up the AC. Also, thanks to net metering, during the spring you can build up solar credit with your utility company. This will help you to save even more during the summer.


Summer has arrived, everyone is trying to stay cool and are out having fun in the sun.

solar panels in summer

In between your trips to the lake, you notice that more and more houses in your neighborhood are getting solar installed this time of year. You may wonder why everyone is making the switch now. Well, there is a reason that summer is the busy season for solar! During the summer, people often see their electricity bill get higher and higher as they attempt to keep their home cool. Installing solar is a great way to save on the big electricity bills during the summer. We also have long, sunny days in the summer that allow your solar panels more time to soak in the rays and produce more energy. The summer is a great time to have solar as you can take charge of your own energy and see huge savings during some of the most expensive months for electricity.


The weather is finally starting to cool off and installing solar may be the last thing on your mind as you break out the scarfs and pumpkin spice lattes. However, going solar in fall is an incredible opportunity for going solar for one main reason: qualifying for the tax credit.

solar panels during fall

You can qualify for the 30% tax credit no matter what season you install solar. However if you install solar during the fall, you will qualify to get a tax credit for that year. The tax credit will count toward the year that you install your solar system. So by getting your system installed in the fall, you will qualify for the tax credit for that year. Another great benefit for going solar in the fall, is that (similar to the spring) you can start building up credit with your utilities during these cool months and save that for the warmer months that will return.


The cold is setting in and the holiday season is approaching. Snow is starting to fall and the days have grown shorter and shorter. You may be wondering, why would anyone go solar during the winter? Well, there are plenty of reasons why going solar in the winter is actually a really great idea! Here is a video of the energy output someone had with their solar panels during the winter![embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RMOUrKK2gU[/embed]Solar panels work best in cool weather. So cold, sunny days are the best for your solar panels in producing energy. Your panels will be producing at their highest efficiency during the winter months. As stated before, the spring months are some of the best production months. So install your solar panels during the winter.

solar panels during winter

You will watch your solar panels perform remarkably throughout the winter and into the upcoming spring months. Going solar in the winter is a great way to save energy and to build up your credit with your utility company for the warmer months. As you can see there is no wrong month to go solar. There are benefits to each season of the year. So no matter what season it is, contact us at Shine Solar to learn more about going solar.

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