April 10, 2020

Solar Is Now More Affordable Than Ever

Solar Energy

One of the most persistent myths about going solar is that it's too expensive. That fact is that if you can afford to pay your electric bill, you can easily afford a solar system, especially now.

So why do some people think solar is soo expensive? Because before solar became mainstream, there were few technological advances and not much demand. However, all that changed about 10 years ago when the government began helping the solar industry develop. Since then, many technological advancements have been made to increase the electrical output of solar systems. As a result,demand has increased and the cost has dropped significantly.

Incentives to Buy

Not only has the price of going solar dropped, there are also many incentives you can take advantage of to make it even more affordable.

Some electric utilities are still offering a per kilowatt rebate to install a solar system on your home or business. These rebates vary from one electric utility to another, but what it amounts to is free money you can put toward the total cost of your system! However, many no longer offer this rebate, so you should call your electric provider and ask.

In addition, the federal government is offering a 26 percent tax rebate for installing a solar system on your home. The actual cash value of this incentive will depend on your income, but the average value is approximately $7,000 in this area. Again, even more money to help pay for your system.

Finally, when you purchase a solar system from Shine, we'll finance your loan with zero down, zero interest, and zero payments for the first 12 months you own your system. On top of that, for a limited time, Shine Solar will pay for your utility connection fee for up to 12 months. That's one whole year of electric savings you can put toward paying off your loan instead of sending it to your electric provider. Be sure to take advantage of it now, because this is a limited time offer.

What Will My Payments Be When I Go Solar?

Many factors go into what your monthly payment will be to go solar. It's like buying a car. What kind will you get? Luxury, sport, SUV, truck,sedan? How much space do you need? What company are you buying from and how good of a deal can you get?

The same is true for buying a solar system. How much power do you need to generate? Will the system be mounted on your roof or on the ground or both? How much will you need to borrow?

As we noted earlier, if you can afford to pay your electric bill each month, you can afford the payments for a new solar system. That's because all the money you save each month will go to make up your monthly payment. And, once your system is paid for, the savings are all yours!  It’s the difference between owning a house or renting. With the average solar system lasting 30-40 years and counting, that savings adds up.

So, if you're still sitting on the fence about going solar,now is the time to take the leap. These incentives won't last forever and it's an investment that will pay you back.


For more information about this and other topics regarding solar energy, be sure to read our featured posts or call us at 844-80-SHINE.

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