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For the past 10 years, solar power, along with other renewables such as wind energy, has turned the corner from being fringe to becoming mainstream. Today, homeowners across the country are taking advantage of affordable prices and ease of installation to help power their homes and practically eliminate their electric bills with solar energy.

The benefits, both financial and environmental, make solar an easy choice for those who want to take more control over their energy needs and live more independently. And, although this fact continues to gain support,there is still more that can be done to help homeowners become energy independent.

That’s why Shine Solar has embarked on a plan to achieve this goal by offering not just solar, but also greater energy efficiency to the customers it serves. By combining solar with proven energy efficiency practices, homeowners not only save money but also gain a higher degree of comfort, especially during periods of extreme temperatures.

This is possible by tackling the three most important areas of energy efficiency and energy independence: air sealing, HVAC, and residential battery power.

The majority of homes in the United States, even newly built ones, have not incorporated energy efficiency into their design beyond insulation.Unfortunately, this leaves homeowners on the hook for paying higher utility bills.

To address this, Shine offers its Shine Home program, which in addition to solar, also provides a professional home assessment called an energy audit to determine where your home is losing energy and then implement measures to fix it. In fact, the number one energy issue facing most homes today isn’t leaky windows, it’s leaks in your home’s walls and floors. Leaks you can’t otherwise see without an energy audit. Best of all, sealing these leaks is very affordable and provides the greatest impact to both your energy bill and the comfort of your home.

energy efficiency plus solar equal energy independence

Once you have tackled the air leaks, the next step is to assess your HVAC system. This is both the first and second source of power consumption in your home, making up 35%-40% of your home’s energy use according to the US Department of Energy. An old and inefficient HVAC system can cost you more money than it’s worth, which is why it’s important to have the correct size and efficiency rating for your home’s HVAC system. Shine can help solve this energy conundrum through its Shine Air program,which can correctly assess and provide you with the appropriate HVAC system for your home. This will not only provide you greater comfort, but it will also cost less to operate and last just as long as your current system.

Finally, energy independence isn’t much if you can’t generate and store your own power. After all, the sun doesn’t shine 24 hours a day. That’s why Shine offers an affordable residential battery storage solution called Enphase. This system consists of an appropriately sized battery storage option that takes the excess power your solar system generates during the day and stores it for use during the evening hours. When combined with appropriate air sealing and an efficient HVAC system, it provides homeowners with total energy independence.

This is why organizations such as Habitat for Humanity are embracing this philosophy. It is far easier to plan a house to be energy independent than to fix it after its built. Not only does it provide a greater degree of comfort to its residents, but it also frees those who need it most from the crippling effects of living in old or sub-standard housing that costs a fortune to heat and cool. After all, what good is a new home if you can’t afford the monthly bills associated with it?

In this way, achieving energy independence financially assists these homeowners throughout the lifetime of their home by greatly reducing a costly expense that too often requires government assistance to overcome. Moreover, it helps taxpayers save money by avoiding the costs of contributing to such programs. Even utilities benefit by avoiding numerous unpaid bills. It’s a win-win proposition for all involved.

This is why the move toward energy independence is soo important, not just for those in need, but also for the average American homeowner. It provides a greater level of comfort, allows you to take control of your energy expenses and provides the peace of mind knowing that your investment will pay off quickly and continue paying for years to come.

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