May 4, 2016

Successfully Mounting & Caring for Solar Panels in Missouri

Solar Energy
Mounting and caring for solar panels in Missouri

To get the most out of their solar panels, Missouri residents must mount their panels on a solid surface that faces east, west or south. The area must also receive little to no shade from buildings, trees or other obstacles. As such, the roof is the most common location for mounting solar panels in Missouri. Yet, many people do not realize that the slope of the roof can have an impact on the installation process.

Installing Solar Panels on the Roof

Ideally, solar panels should be mounted on a roof with a standard slope. While it is possible to mount solar panels on a flat surface, this type of installation requires additional expertise. As such, it may add to the total cost of the installation. The same is true when it comes to mounting solar panels on a pole, which may be necessary if tree cover is a concern.

Caring for Solar Panels

Since solar panels should be mounted on the sunny side of the roof, homeowners are frequently concerned about maintaining their panels. Fortunately, solar panels require almost no maintenance. Furthermore, they are able to generate power even while it is raining, though they will generate electricity at a lower rate. While solar panels will not generate electricity when they are covered in snow, their location in a sunny area on the roof helps to ensure the snow melts quickly and does not need to be tended to by the homeowner. Modern solar panels are also built to withstand high winds, lightning strikes and hail.

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