September 15, 2021

What Does Shine Solar’s Production Guarantee Mean?

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When you purchase a solar panel system from Shine, one of the guarantees we make is that it will be able to produce a certain level of power for your home during a set period. We call this our production guarantee and it is our promise that each panel we install will operate as expected.

Each Shine Solar system is guaranteed to produce a specific amount of energy, which is calculated in your initial solar savings report, for the first 25 years of ownership. As with any mechanical device, age takes its toll and over time, solar panels begin to produce slightly less power. We call this the annual rate of degradation and it’s approximately half a percent a year depending on the brand of panel you own. If you do the math, that means your system will be producing at above 90% capacity for 20 years. There aren’t many mechanical devices on the market today that have that type of longevity and usefulness without routine maintenance and upgrades.

In the event your system does not produce the guaranteed amount of energy, Shine will compensate you for the shortfall based on the cost of energy from your electric provider and/or when necessary, may add additional panels to your system to compensate.

shine solar production guarantee

It’s important to note that Shine’s production guarantee isn’t the same as your system’s maximum output potential. The production guarantee ensures the panel can produce a certain level of energy, not that it will do so 100% of the time.

And why not?

Because there are many factors that affect your system’s output such as shading and time of day. Just because your system is capable of producing a certain amount of energy doesn’t mean that it can 100% of the time. And, that’s ok because you don’t need that much energy all the time. Your energy use varies during the day and since your system is grid tied, any shortfalls are covered. In addition, Shine designs your system to take advantage of maximum sunlight based on the environmental conditions that surround your home so you will be able to produce the most energy possible. You can learn more about how this works by reading our blog regarding peak sun hours.

All of these factors and more are taken into consideration when your system is professionally designed. So, you can rest assured that the solar panel system you purchase will be the best possible for your individual needs and circumstances.

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