December 7, 2022

Winter is Coming

Solar Energy

Winter is fast approaching, which means colder weather is upon us.

While this might seem alarming, Shine Solar wants to keep you prepared to face the winter months. Here are 3 things you need to know about solar as winter approaches.

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With Sunlight Comes Electricity

According to an article by SunRun, “Even in below-freezing weather, solar panels turn sunlight into electricity. That's because solar panels absorb energy from our sun's abundant light, not the sun's heat. In fact, cold climates are actually optimal for solar panel efficiency. 1. So long as sunlight is hitting a solar panel, it will generate electricity.” Regardless of the frigid cold, you can be assured that as long as sunlight is hitting your solar panels, there will be electricity.

Keep Your Panels Clear of Snow and Ice

One of the best ways to prevent any damage to your solar panels throughout the winter months is to keep them clear of any snow and ice. This can be done using a snow brush or by simply allowing the sun to melt any stray ice or snow from the panels. Another simple way of keeping panels clean throughout winter is to use a leaf blower to remove any snow that might be obstructing your panels.

View Your Panels as an Investment

We know it can be frustrating if your panels are not performing at their peak throughout the winter months. Your panels are an investment! In an article from Renewable Energy Magazine, we learn “It is important to view it as an investment to reduce the overall energy consumption throughout the year.” This information helps us understand that although there may be a few months where solar does not perform at its best, we can be assured that solar panels are an investment for the future and will help reduce our overall consumption over time.

To sum up, winter is fast approaching and we want to prepare YOU to tackle the colder months! For any questions regarding your solar system with Shine or to learn more give us a call at 844-80-SHINE or visit us at Shine Solar today!

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