May 19, 2024

AeroSeal Technology: Say Goodbye to Air Leaks!

Energy Efficiency

AeroSeal is a cool way to make your home's air system better. Think of it as fixing leaks in the tubes that move warm and cool air around your house. First, experts come to check out your system.

They get everything ready by covering vents and figuring out where air is escaping. Then they start the real magic. They use a special fog to see the leaks and then shoot in AeroSeal stuff to plug them up tight.

The best part? They watch everything on a computer so they can tell you how well it's working right away! When they're done, you even get a paper that shows how much better things are now compared to before.

This whole thing is quick - usually done in one day - which means not too much hassle for you.

Ready for less drafts and maybe lower bills? Keep reading!

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Key Takeaways: 

AeroSeal seals leaks in your home's air ducts, making the HVAC system more efficient and saving money on energy bills.

✦ The sealing process involves checking, preparing, injecting a sealant into ducts to fill leaks, monitoring the results in real time, and then cleaning up after.

Real - time monitoring allows homeowners to see improvements in air quality and energy efficiency as it happens.

✦ After sealing, you receive a certificate confirming how much leakage was fixed, showing before-and-after results like weight loss photos for your house.

✦ Cleanup ensures your home is left clean and tidy with better airflow through the heating and cooling units.

Understanding the AeroSeal Process

Getting your air systems fixed with AeroSeal is like giving them a new lease on life. First, experts check everything out and get ready for action; then they seal up those leaks tight, watch the magic happen in real-time through special monitors, make sure it's all good with some fancy certification, and clean up so well you'll hardly know they were there.

Technician Inspection and Preparation

So, you're all set to get your ducts in a row with AeroSeal, huh? I like your style. First off, technicians gotta check everything out and prep it before the magic happens. Let's dive into that part:

  1. First up, the team needs to take a good look at your duct system. They will get familiar with your system setup.
  2. Next step is sealing off the vents. They use tape and foam blocks for this job. This helps to pressurize your system and measure your home's duck leakage.
  3. Making a small temporal hole in your ductwork comes after that. It's just how they hook up their AeroSeal gear to your system.
  4. The AeroSeal device then gets connected with clear, flexible tubes running into your ducts.
  5. A Pre-seal test is performed, this will let us know the system exact amount of leakage. As an extra precaution, in this test we use fog to ensure the system is properly block off.

So there you have it! These steps help ensure that once they start sealing those leaks, everything’s ready for a smooth operation ensuring better air flow and energy savings at your place.

Duct Sealing Process

After the technician has looked over your system and got everything ready, we move to the heart of the matter: sealing those ducts. This is where the magic happens, folks.

  1. We pump aerosolized sealant into the ductswork. Think of it as tiny fix-it particles that travel through your air system.
  2. These particles find holes and gaps. Once they find a leak, they cling to the edges and then to each other until poof! The leak is gone.
  3. The whole time this is happening, we’re watching everything on screens. Real-time monitoring lets us see the sealant doing its thing and filling those leaks.
  4. When finished, we hand you a certificate of completion. This piece of paper says your ducts are now sealed with AeroSeal; showing you the before and after results.
  5. Last but not least, clean - up time. We put everything back as it was, you'd barely know we were there—leaving nothing behind but cleaner air and better flow through your heating and cooling units.

From start to finish, every step is aimed at making sure you have an energy-efficient home with quality indoor air that doesn’t let heating or cooling dollars escape through unseen gaps in your ductwork.

Real-time Monitoring

After sealing the ducts, it's time to see how well everything is working. This part is cool because they use a laptop to check everything as it happens. The Shine Solar tech keeps an eye on things and shows the homeowner what's going on right there and then.

It’s like watching a health check for your house’s air system in real-time! You can actually see if the air quality is getting better while they work. This ensures that every bit of effort put into sealing those ducts pays off by making your indoor environment cleaner and more energy-efficient.

Plus, seeing the improvements with your own eyes makes all the difference - you don’t have to just take someone’s word for it; you can watch the progress live!

Validation and Certification

So, you've got your ducts sealed up tight with AeroSeal, and now it's showtime for the validation part. This is where things get real. You get a certificate that lays out just how leaky those ducts were before the pros worked their magic and how snug they are after.

It's sort of like having before-and-after photos when you're trying to lose weight - but for your house! This piece of paper is proof that not only is your indoor air quality on point now, but you're also going to save some cash on energy costs because your heating and cooling system won't have to work as hard.

AeroSeal seals up your ducts and makes everything run smooth. It's like putting a band-aid on a cut, but for your house's lungs - the HVAC system. The process is quick, with pros doing all the heavy lifting.

They check things out, get ready, fill leaks with magic goo, keep an eye on it with techy tools, and show you how well it worked. Then they clean up and head out. Your house gets to breathe easier, which means you do too.

Less energy wasted equals more money saved. And who doesn't love saving cash while keeping their air clean? So yeah, AeroSeal might just be the fixer-upper your home didn't know it needed.

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